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All of the following services are available to you during your 60 or 90 minute targeted myotherapy session at no added cost:

  • Deep Tissue

  • Sports Therapy

  • Cupping

  • Joint Mobility

  • Stretching

Read below to learn more about the benefits of each therapy.




Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue is the foundation of Myotherapy.  This therapy involves manually lengthening muscle fibers and stretching fascial tissue.  It can also be used to break up scar tissue, decrease swelling, and aid in healing.  This process ultimately serves to increase mobility, sleep quality, and strength, as well as decrease pain, recovery time, and likelihood of injury.  Deep Tissue work should never be painful, but may leave you feeling sore temporarily.


Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy is often misunderstood despite being highly requested.  This form of therapy combines light stretching, joint mobilization, and fast paced compressions to stimulate and prepare the body for vigorous exercise.  After exercise, this therapy involves deeper, slower compressions and deeper stretching to help speed up recovery and prevent muscle soreness.  This is the therapy to choose if you are heading to the gym and need a boost of energy or just finished your workout and need help winding down.



Despite many people claiming or believing otherwise, cupping does not remove "toxins". Cupping is not a biochemical, but rather a mechanical process, that stretches tight fascial and muscle tissue and brings increased blood flow to a localized area, increasing hydration and oxygenation. This process substantially decreases pain, increases mobility, and invokes a strong sense of relaxation.


Joint Mobility

Joint mobility focuses not just on the joints, but the ligaments and tendons involved with them as well.  By manipulating the joint, synovial fluid (the body's lubrication) is released. The ligaments which hold the joint together, as well as the tendons connecting the muscle to the joint, are moved and stretched in this therapy as well.  Benefits include: ease and smoothness of movement and increased range of motion.  This therapy can be highly beneficial for individuals suffering from a muscle tear or arthritis. 



Stretching is the classic, and arguably the best, way to increase flexibility and decrease likelihood of injury.  Stretching can also help decrease pain over time and adjust skeletal alignment.  Allowing a therapist to help stretch your muscles allows you to relax and go further than you might normally think you can do on your own.  The end of a session should leave you feeling light and relaxed.

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