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The Mission

The goal of Stature is to increase your quality of life by addressing your specific physiological ailments.  Whether you are an athlete who wants to perform better, a hard working business person with tightness and a lack of mobility, or a respected elder in need of neuromuscular stimulation, Stature is able to help everyone achieve their goals of living a high quality and pain free life.

What is Myotherapy

Myotherapy is soft tissue manipulation as a form of physiotherapy.  Simply put, myotherapy involves the manipulation of skeletalmuscle tissue to help speed up your body's own natural healing process.  Myotherapy differs from traditional massage in that it is not a luxury for the wealthy or just a means to relax, but rather, myotherapy is a necessary and proactive means to living a high quality life free from pain, medication, and injury.

Owner & Founder


Whitman Beitel

Massage Therapist,

C.M.T, H.E, E.I.T

I have always had a passion for learning, creativity, working with my hands, and helping other people. After a career as a Mechanical Engineer, I found I was not being challenged or using my passions in a meaningful way.  I discovered the benefits of massage in my life and promptly went through the highest levels of training to share pain management with others. My goal is to cut through the misconceptions and scientifically provide the best care to people in order to change their lives and their perceptions of Myotherapy.


  • National Holistic Institute - Massage Therapist & Health Educator

  • Cal Baptist University - B.S. Mechanical Engineering


  • CMTC - Certified Massage Therapist

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